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Russian Anti-Gay Law is Now Affecting Games

The Sims 4

Not for Teenagers any more.

The Sims 4 has potentially been hit by Russia’s new Non-Tradition Relationships Law (Anti-Gay to anyone with some sense). The game is the first in the series to receive a Mature rating, at least in Russia. Those who enjoy the games (haven’t played since The Sims 2) will know The Sims usually fall into the early teens or even Everyone 10+ because for their fairly mild depiction of sex and lacking any real violence or drug use.

This is the reason it has been perceived that Russia has rated the game Mature for including same-sex relationships. The Sims has allowed same sex relationships since its creation, and even allowed same sex marriage for longer than some Governments, my own included! EA has also been classed as one of the best places to work as LGBT by the Human Rights Campaign (good luck finding it, I couldn’t and was just going by this BBC article).

So where does this come from? Well back in 2010 Russia passed a content law, 436-FZ or, “On Protection of Children from Information Harmful to Their Health and Development.” It was basically designed to prevent harmful content such as glorification of Drug use, suicide or child pornography. It led to the censoring of several websites and to be fair is really a good thing in my books. However 2013 saw an amendment that said  “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships” is also not allowed. As such anyone under the age of eighteen can not be given information about these “non-traditional” relationships. As I said its been called the Anti-Gay Law because of this. Unfortunately this has meant that many Russian Teenagers  will be breaking the law if they try to buy a game that they used to buy with ease. Hopefully someday Russia will vote in an intelligent and forward thinking Government and remove their current one which is routed in their own agenda to become some kind of new Soviet Empire were their own people are scarred.

Sorry, got a little political there.