Gonna do Some Jammin!

No I am not a Muscian, I will be Game Jammin. A Game Jam for those who don’t know is where game developers, both big and small, ranging from art to programming, get together to make games under a common theme. This one day Jam is the Love Jam. It is a response to Gamer Gate to basically bring back some inclusion and love into the games world after the general shittyness of it.

My Trans Horror game will not be what I run with, as the focus is on love and inclusiveness. However I will try to create a game centred on Trans people, probably with bright colours and rainbows and plenty of that really overdone butterfly symbolism. Ok, maybe that over the top, but I’ll try to explore the positive sides of coming out and things. My blog will also showupdates as I do things, and likely I’ll plant some images of what I do here too. It starts tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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