According to Nintendo, Gay relationships are “Social Commentary.” _ UPDATED

So was beginning to get a little stumped for what next and this little article fell into my lap. Unfortunately, and don’t hate me for this, but this may have actually slipped my radar if it wasn’t shown to me as I am not really a big Nintendo fan. However, this actually annoys me even though I would not have actually played the game.

Firstly, some ideas about the game. Tomodachi Life is billed as a life simulate game in which players can use their Miis (Nintendo’s avatars of players) to live out their life. Its tagline is “Your friends. Your drama. Your life.” However they need to add a bit on the end. Here you go “Your friends. Your drama. Your life. As long as you aren’t Gay (or Bi).” Its odd to exclude homosexual relationships, even if just for a Western port, mainly due to how much acceptance and recent strides are being made in some countries over same sex marriages. It would do more good than harm for their game and make less people lose out n in game experiences they may miss out on just because they want it to follow the slogan and be “Their friends. Their drama. Their life.”

This was the reasoning behind a attempt to convince Nintendo to rethink and add Homosexual relationships. The group, called Miiquality, was created by Tye Marini because he wants to marry his real word fiancee’s Mii. Is it too much to ask? He managed to gather a small following and even talked to various media outlets, but unfortunately Nintendo was not moved. They claimed that they  “never intended to make any form of social commentary with the launch of ‘Tomodachi Life,'” Of course, not including them is in itself a social commentary, and I believe Nintendo are on the wrong side of the line here. Before heading on I just want it to be known that Marini does not want a boycott, just more communication with Nintendo, however I say take whatever action you feel is justified (and legal).

I find it bizarre that Nintendo are not changing the game, when it could actually prove to better for a company which is beginning to struggle. They have been shown to be a little narrow minded, but if they mended their ways they may draw in even more customers. Sure, right wing nutjobs will accuse them of destroying the moral fiber of our children, but they are nutjobs remember. In fact, this may lead to better sales, just look at when Mass Effect was accused of allowing you to “rape” characters. All that negatively and nonsensical publicity likely brought it to the minds of more people than the actual marketing did!

Finally I just want to say something about this from a developer and designer viewpoint. They will have had to code in “NO GAYS!” To give an example beyond relationships. Say I made a game with a fireball spell that would do damage to health, this would be scripted happen to all things with health. But then say I wanted a class of monster who was immune to fireballs? Well that’s more code, and its the same thing here. Look at the older, probably better life simulation game, called The Sims! They have included Homosexual relationships for a long time, possible due simply to not coding out the possibility. The point I am trying to make is Nintendo will have needed code to prevent Homosexual relationships and in doing so have unfortunately demonstrated that they may not be as accepting as they may seem.


On the BBC Website, Nintendo is quoted as saying that they can not change the games design anymore, but will endeavour to update any future releases. I find it difficult to believe they can not change it in this age of easy to obtain Patches, the 3DS does have internet connection, so how can’t they. Skyrim added mounted combat in a patch for crying out loud!


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